Beastly Fēi that Goes Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū

This one is something I read by chance and from what I know, is something that has not been translated yet. I have finished reading this and the story is good. It is able to kept me finished reading without skipping some chapters (that count for something as I usually skipped some part when a story get boring). I have never tried to do a proper translation before, this is my first one…., if there are some weird part or spelling or grammar mistakes, je suis vraiment désolée….


Author : 卿九书 (Qīng jiǔ shū)


“Master, there is someone who cursed that HuángFēi is an evil star”

“Cut his tongue and feed it to dogs.” A certain Wáng said softly.

“Master, there is someone who accidentally bumped into HuángFēi.”

“Chop his hand and feed it to the wolves.” Even with an indifferent tone, a certain Wáng seemed to have a possessive nature.

“Master, there is someone who said that HuángFēi has run away.”


A certain Wáng narrowed his eyes and sneered: “It’ll be the best if she doesn’t get caught by BěnWáng, otherwise BěnWáng will certainly let her know, what is called ‘yùbàbùnéng’.”

A modern era special agent crossed the world and become a wolf girl, originally believed that she’d played around with wolfs all the time, in the end she really did, but this ‘wolf’ wasn’t a wolf at all, he was actually a perverted wolf!

*    Fēi/HuángFēi : Imperial Concubine

*    HuángShū : Imperial Uncle

*    Wáng : King/Prince (under the Emperor)

*    BěnWáng : the way Wáng address himself.

*    yùbàbùnéng : idiom, cannot stop even if he/she wants to.


Character List

Chapter 01   Born Different Pupils, Evil Star

Chapter 02   Born Different Pupils, Hunting

Chapter 03   Accompanied by Beast, Jīng yuè

Chapter 04   Rebirth Crossing the Time, Leaving the Mountain

Chapter 05   Being Discovered, Run Quickly

Chapter 06   Cannot Enter the City, Fei Election

Chapter 07   Huang Shu has Came, Below the Carriage

Chapter 08   Were Caught, Bad Luck

Chapter 09   Have the Ability, Come Up and Chase!

Chapter 10   Turned Life, Huang Fei

Chapter 11   What Name, Wealthy

Chapter 12   Is There Another Person Here?

Chapter 13   Do I Have Something on My Face?

Chapter 14   Treat an Illness before it’s too Late, Blind

Chapter 15   I’m How, Taming

Chapter 16   Going All Out, Chase to Kill

Chapter 17   Bite Them Dead, Beast

Chapter 18   Simply Couldn’t Bear to Look Straight a!

Chapter 19   Kill All, Sleep

Chapter 20   Be Careful I’ll Let Yin Jian Bite You A!

Chapter 21   Cannot Talk, Punished

Chapter 22   Wolf as Company, Set Off

Chapter 23   As Huang Fei, Seize the Throne

Chapter 24   Really a Rare Occurence, Huang Shen

Chapter 25   Really Troublesome, Stop

Chapter 26   Lord of Pretentious People, Cool!

Chapter 27   You Can’t Read? Wangfu

Chapter 28   You Have the Nerve to Peek Me Bathing!

Chapter 29    Look Forward for Me Losing Your Face

Chapter 30    Hadn’t Married yet the Husband Already Dead

Chapter 31    Engaged to Each Other Before They Were Born!?

Chapter 32    Take You to the Street Scaring People

Chapter 33    There Is An Embarrassment Being On The Street With Such A Parade!

Chapter 34    How Could I Be The One Who Killed That Horse?

Chapter 35    Do Not Want to Remember so Just Forget Ah!

Chapter 36    Must have had set his heart on this Ninth Huang Fei right?

Chapter 37    You…… You Are Not Keeping Your Words!

Chapter 38    We Didn’t Do Anything Last Night!

Chapter 39    How Could Ninth Huang Shu Come to This Place?

Chapter 40   What Kind of Backing Does That Woman Have?

Chapter 41   Would She Dare to Hit Me?

Chapter 42   Does Not Know Death and Life and Come to Beat Me

Chapter 43   Fear neither Water nor Fire, Get Lost

Chapter 44   Fang ZiCheng, Are You a Pig?

Chapter 45   You…… Bring Money?

Chapter 46   Will There Be Some Kind Of Naughty Books?

Chapter 47    I just Gave You a Little Kick

Chapter 48   Girl among Men, Could Bend or Unbend

Chapter 49   Dared to Play this Princess! 

Chapter 50   Sorry Didn’t Pay Attention to Your Family’s Master

Chapter 51   Drinking the Water on the Plate

Chapter 52   Who Did She Offend? 

Chapter 53   What Are You Doing Crouching In front Of My House Gate? 

Chapter 54   Almost Died Three Times 

Chapter 55   Actually Pretending To be Asleep To Deceive Me!

Chapter 56   Aiyo…… Who Knocked Me Ah!?

Chapter 57   Why Didn’t She Drown To Death!?

Chapter 58   Come Here, Let’s Fight a Bit

Chapter 59   My Parents Died a Long Time Ago

Chapter 60   Robbed His Position as The House Master

Chapter 61   The Martial Art This Lady Learnt Isn’t Something Only To Be Seen 

Chapter 62   I Don’t Believe You Have No Place to Sleep!

Chapter 63   Do You Want Ben Wang to Use Violence?

Chapter 64   Every Student Has to Join the Tea Party

Chapter 65   I’m Not the Same as You

Chapter 66   Do We Have To Continue Walking?

Chapter 67   Isn’t To Be Called By That Name The Purpose Of Having A Name?

Chapter 68   Lying on The Palanquin’s Roof!?

Chapter 69   In the End, Are You Going to Come Down or Not!

Chapter 70   Jing Yue, Come Here and Pour the Tea for Me

Chapter 71   Consort Goddess, Does This Tea Taste Good?

Chapter 72   Xiao Chen…… I’m Really Hungry

Chapter 73   Have I Gotten You into Trouble?

Chapter 74   The Scalded Hand is Here

Chapter 75   Now He Spoke, It Was to Protect Her!

Chapter 76   You Were Not There, So What Would I Scream For?

Chapter 77   Are My, Xiao Chen’s, Woman

Chapter 78   Send Me What Bracelets? You Better Straight Away Give Me the Money! 

Chapter 79   Let’s Also Make This in the Future

Chapter 80   Will Be Buried in a Tiger’s Mouth Today

Chapter 81   Won’t Take A Fancy On Me Right!?

Chapter 82   One Is More Unreasonable Than the Previous One

Chapter 83   Jing Yue, Your Life is Really Big

Chapter 84   What Kind of Dirty Things Your Head is Loaded With?

Chapter 85   Are Praising Me for Being Good-looking

Chapter 86   Why Do You Care?

Chapter 87   Have no Money to Eat

Chapter 88   I Don’t Like Men

Chapter 89   Why Did They Abandon Her?

Chapter 90   Step the Road to Yellow Springs Together!

Chapter 91   Tell BenWang Clearly!

Chapter 92   What Will Happen If I Don’t Participate in the Exam?

Chapter 93   Make the Animals Listen to Your Words?

Chapter 94   Ninth Huang Shu Detests You?

Chapter 95   Since When Did His Fu Have One More Woman?

Chapter 96   Ninth Huang Shu Is Back

Chapter 97   Have I Talked too Much?

Chapter 98   Wants You to Give Him A Chance

Chapter 99   Learning How to Eat

Chapter 100   Call Xiao Chen Here to Pay the Bill

Chapter 101   Quickly Get Out of Here!

Chapter 102   The Wealthy is the Lord!

Chapter 103   No Matter What, One Must Not Lose in Momentum!

Chapter 104   Which is More Valuable, Yinpiao or Gold?

Chapter 105   Made an Appointment with Someone’s Family’s Young Wife

Chapter 106   Relying on Ninth Huang Shu’s Support

Chapter 107   I Knew You Won’t Be Able To Guess

Chapter 108   I Will Never Let This Kind Of Thing Happen

Chapter 109   It’s Just Like Watching a Zombie Movie

Chapter 110   Had She Not Done It, She Wouldn’t Die

Chapter 111   Ninth Huang Shu Went to the Palace

Chapter 112   Fu RuoQing Actually Got Herself Pregnant

Chapter 113   Definitely Have to Chop Him Up into Minced Meat!

Chapter 114   Bring a Thousand Elite Troops as Escorts!

Chapter 115   I’m YueYue’s Best Friend

Chapter 116   Can’t You Make It a Bit Cheaper

Chapter 117   Yin Jian and Yin Feng, Bite Him to Death! 

Chapter 118   Doesn’t Recognize Me, This Kind of Father

Chapter 119   Are You Going to Help Him?

Chapter 120   Crippled For Life

Chapter 121   Let’s Go to the General’s Residence First

Chapter 122   Greetings to Princess LeYang

Chapter 123   What A Clever Mouth!

Chapter 124   Write a Contract as a Proof!

Chapter 125   Jing Yue is Catching Up

Chapter 126   Take a Horse as a Wolf and Ride It

Chapter 127   Doesn’t Mind Going Down There to Play

Chapter 128   Go and Have a Match With Men?

Chapter 129   You Guys Try It Too?

Chapter 130   Marry the Person You Like

Chapter 131   You Want to Move Out of Wangfu? 

Chapter 132   

Chapter 133   

Chapter 134   

Chapter 135   

Chapter 136   

Chapter 137   

Chapter 138   

Chapter 139   

Chapter 140   

Chapter 141   

Chapter 142   

Chapter 143   

Chapter 144   

Chapter 145   

Chapter 146   

Chapter 147   

Chapter 148   

Chapter 149   

Chapter 150  


13 thoughts on “Beastly Fēi that Goes Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū

    1. ummm, it’s about 2200chaps if i’m not mistaken, but every chapter’s quite short….. hehe, i’m still learning so i’ll only release 2chaps a week…., when i got the hang of this whole wordpress thing, i’ll try to release more 😃😃😃

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  1. Fun and interesting, I’m looking forward to this project. Thank you for picking this up. The story so far is funny and great, I enjoyed it very much.
    Keep up the good work.😆


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